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Businesses these days have to work very hard to become an established and profitable company – specially when considering the amount of competition out there. There are numerous challenges to face when trading online – one of the largest is the search engines. Google control over 90% of the search traffic in the united states and that’s why so many firms strive to be on the first page of the Google search results, in spite of the country they live in.

The most recognised principle to boost rankings in the search engines is SEO, Search Engine Optimisation (see search engine optimisation Essex). This is something that every company needs to consider in order to boost their presence online. If you feel your SEO efforts are not allowing your website to be seen – here are some useful tips that will inevitably boost your online presence and your client base. 

1)Firstly, if you don’t have a blog already – start writing one now! A blog enables you the perfect opportunity to add fresh content to your site regularly. This is because search engines love fresh content. If you can update your blog once a week or more, this will gain you a distinct SEO advantage.

2)Adding Google analytics is the next step. Google Analytics is a completely free analytics tool. It’s a software package that provides critical data about your website and how it is performing in the search engines in the search engines, which can enable you with crucial data to boost your site further. 

3)Google spiders like simple code, for this reason all scripts and CSS files should be added as external files to reduce the time it takes for search engine spiders to locate it as well as the code-to-content ratio. In other words, steer clear of excessive code.

4)PPC – also known as Pay Per Click – is a further way in which to gain traffic by purchasing adverts on search engines. For further information, see PPC.

5)Each page should be completely unique – so do not use duplicate content anywhere on your site. Make content your own and ensure that it is original by writing it yourself where possible. The reason we stress this is if the content you provide appears somewhere else, you run the risk of being ignored by the search engines. 

6)Meta description tags (Meta Tags) are important. This is what appears in the search engine results page. It is the Meta tag that provides the web surfer with information about what your website is about. So, be sure to write a descriptive copy here that encourages visitors to come and visit your site.

7)Repetitive wording is another definite no! this is another example of duplicate too. Just remember that unique content is essential in order to ensure your SEO is successful. If your site doesn’t have enough unique content on each page, it will be penalised by the search engines, this includes the use of repetitive wording too. 

By including each of the pointers above into your web design project, your site will be far more likely to gain the sales and profits that it deserves. We hope you have found this article of use. For more information on boosting your site with SEO, see click here for more information about SEOEssex.

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