Corporate Gift Giving: Basic Guidelines

Corporate Gifting Ideas The holiday season is over and yet your company continues to receive a thank you card from individuals and businesses for the gifts that you sent to them last year. Gestures like this are of course expected, but still it can make you feel appreciated and remembered especially when you feel that the message is sincere. That happens when you give your recipients the gift that they think is valuable. When it comes to corporate gifting, there are two two factors to consider for you to be able to determine the right gift. These are the gift recipient and the purpose of the gift giving project. Corporate gift recipients usually include clients, customers, and even company employees. In terms of purpose, companies may give gifts to establish stronger ties with important stakeholders, to attract new customers, or to boost the morale of their employees. Determining the right budget for this project is as important as determining who the gift recipients are and the purpose of giving each a gift. Yes, a budget should be allotted to ensure that the gift you’ll select holds real value to the recipient. Too often corporate gifts are predictable and boring and this is something companies need to avoid if they want to achieve the objective behind the gift giving. Since it’s your company’s reputation that is at stake here, you need to make sure that you get the right person for this project and give them enough time to work on it. The person in charge of this project will have to research about the recipient’s preferences and check if the gift item you are eyeing is available. If the gift is custom-made, it may also take a little more time since it should be ordered first. In Singapore, there are corporate gift specialists that you can trust with your different gifting needs. The suppliers of corporate gifts that you can choose from range from mass producers to manufacturers of personalized gift items, from luxurious gifts suppliers to distributors of simple, utilitarian office accessories. Whatever your preference is, the corporate gifts Singapore supplier that you can trust is one that can live up to the kind of service that they promised to give you. For related articles on corporate gift or visit

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