Miraculous brazilian keratin

Human hair contains keratin, a complex protein, which is responsible for the strength and elasticity of hair that is certainly destroyed by chemical and thermal processes, and also many external influences. Brazilian keratin  regenerates hair completely.

Brazilian keratin, the miracle of the age! Returns (Indeed returns) hair elasticity, shine and eliminates electricity along with the hair becomes silky . Becomes thicker and visibly healthier.

The treatment is performed with ultra-red cold hair irons which is used for hair regeneration. Regular irons must be avoided because it’s warm  melts keratin. The product for Brazilian keratin treatment should contain hydrolyzed protein (keratin acid) at high levels and that does not include the infamous :

  • formaldehyde (banned),
  • formalin (toxic talking to skin) and
  • ammonium.

Keratin must be of plant or animal origin, not synthetic. If this is all complied, in the application is not required to put on a mask or gloves .

The effect with the treatment lasts 3-4 months (on colored hair for around two months) and through that period you need to use sulfate-free shampoo and avoid chlorinated and salt-water (neutralizes effect). When the hair is} damaged you are able to perform the treatment each month. It’s totally safe to perform treatment after any chemical treatment, and after that you should wait for a hair coloring about 2 weeks.

Hair filled with keratin has been resistant to drying out and cracking , and the usage of chemical products remains safe. What is sure , if you do this treatment will probably be delighted with all the result and you’ll not recognize hair. And yes, when the hair is more damaged, the result is more visible .

So, if you wish to restore your hair shine and relive it, this treatment is definitely the real thing. Just pay attention to who’s going to perform the treatment. Look for a  good hairstylist .

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