Music in commercials these days

Well, I can share my experience. Can be said that I have large experience in background music for commercials. I don`t know how is it in your case, however I have rarely dealt with clients that provide you extensive creative freedom . I usually got samples of how they like it to sound. And it`s always like that, whether they are small local company or worldwide famous label, the principle is much the same. Clients dictate music trends in advertising today. Or so is it always?

Therefore 15 of 20 commercials have similar music it`s because clients need it this way. Can you explain that? Well, the answer is quite simple. Nobody would like to gamble using their reputation . If they saw something went well, and they also wanted like that. You know what they say, the customer is usually right :-) , I can tell you they are usually right. These are generally firms which can be here for decades and they know their job pretty well.

You see that currently in commercials hear can be hear only few types of music. We’ve commercials with those sweet uplifting motivational songs, or some energetic clubbing powerful song. There is another approach, minimalism. Recently, some big companies choose to solve the whole commercial having a single instrument (exp. piano) and one music theme, which will emphasize commercial making a bigger point on information.

The authors often feel that their music is the central part of video ads. Well that`s wrong. Why? Because, whenever you working on an undertaking like commercial, the most important part is information of that commercial. You’re there to complete the expression of the video, of the message.

While you doing advertising music , always remember that what is important is advertising.  :-)

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