Virus Removal and Computer repair.

My iBook has been causing me issues when it comes to charging the battery.  It would merely charge when I had the cable perfect plus following time, it wouldn’t function at all.  I knew it wasn’t the cord because it was only a couple of months back, so I did some analysis plus found away it could be anything internal, called the DC in board. So I decided to go to this Apple repair shop in the area and also the man quoted me $120 to repair it and a turnover of regarding 4 days.  I turned him down considering the piece merely cost $20 or so but couldn’t recognize how the labor might be $90.  I informed him that I would just do the fix myself.  At which time he informed me which it could be something worse.  I informed him that it’s ok because I know it was the DC in board.  Then he mentioned the price included some sort of diagnostic thing but I have never had any other issues with my computer, thus I didn’t need that either.  After I firmly told him no, he finally plugged inside my computer plus confirmed which it was, indeed, the DC in deck.  I thanked him plus left. I ordered the element online for about $30 and it came about Friday.  It took all 10 moments to replace the piece, from begin to finish.  It was impossibly an easy task to do but feel so happy I decided to to do it myself.  All I had to do was leave the rear of my computer plus unscrew/unplug the part plus put the new one in. I have a functioning computer and I saved a bunch income.  Hooray doing it yourself! Check out Steve’s PC repair for all your computer repair/ virus removal needs.

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